These are projects from a class at SCAD focused on real-time texture materials. In this course I learned to use Substance Designer to create my own textures (manufactured/organic, new/old), the basics of HDRI lighting, Sub-Surface Scattering, and more.

Project 1

My first 3 Substance Designer textures on simple meshes, lit with an HDRI.

Project 2

In this project we applied our materials to complex meshes, focusing on manufactured items. The materials had to have a new and old state, so research on how these materials would age was paramount. I enjoyed thinking about the materials in my scene as narrative, and what could be gathered from my scene from materials alone.

Project 3

At this stage, we added organic meshes and textures. I wanted to add a bit of lovecraftian intrigue to my diver's cabin, so I sculpted a hanging slab of whale-like hide, and a disembodied tentacle. This was a tricky part since I was inventing a lot more at this point (tentacles are seldom boned in nature, only in certain unfortunate parts of the internet), but I enjoyed this project the most. 

(I didn't have one this quarter, yay!)