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Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD)


Savannah, GA


2019 - Present


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In The Xixian Shadows is an upcoming sci-fi horror tabletop experience from Clown Room Studio. Players take on the roles of four interstellar scavengers as they explore a long lost relic of a race of galactic conquerors, the Xixian Chapel. Delve into the crimes of a forgotten race, seek your fortune, and try to elude all that lurks In The Xixian Shadows.

In the Xixian Shadows began as the final project for Core Principles : Game Design at SCAD. After that class, I formed Clown Room Studio along with 4 other talented artists. Our first mission is getting this game finished and produced for a commercial audience. Clown Room Studio is Jason Scalfano, Daniela Gomez-Quintero, Walter Street, Dominick Gagliano, and Jay Godfrey. I made all visual elements of the game, illustrated and designed all cards, wrote the lore and in-game text, built the physical box and board, and worked on the game mechanics.

In the Xixian Shadows

Xixian Chapel
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